Everything you need to know about Guayusa

What is Guayusa?

Guayusa (gwhy-you-suh) is actually not a 'tea' but a herb. It is found in the Ecuadorian part of Amazon Rainforests. 

It has been called the Amazonian Superleaf and has high levels of Caffeine to give you the 'Jaguar' power. This leaf is derived from a holy tree to the Khichwa tribe of Amazon Rainforests and has historical roots into the culture of the tribe. 

Guayusa does not have tannins therefore it's not bitter at all. Guayusa gives you the benefit of Coffee and Yerba Mate with a clean and sweet taste without the jitters of coffee. 

What makes Guayusa a SuperLeaf?

People have harvested Guayusa leaves since ancient times because of the perceived qualities of it, including high levels of anti-oxidants (More than Green Tea) and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Guyusa leaves are rich in - 

  • Natural caffeine

  • Anti- Oxidants

  • Chlorogenic Acids

  • Theobromine

  • Aminoacids

  • Smooth, non-bitter flavor

Potential Benefits of Guayusa

Improves mood & Concentration

Rich in Caffeine and Theobromine

Caffeine levels of Guayusa are similar to that of Coffee and it also contains Theobromine which is also the part of chocolate and cocoa that generates the feeling of happiness. 
With Guayusa being full of these ingredients, experience a better mood and concentration with every cup. 

Stabilize blood sugar

Decreased chances of Diabetes

Guayusa supplements are shown to significantly drop the blood sugar levels, suppress appetite, and reduce body weight. 

Rich in Anti-oxidants

More Anti-oxidants than green tea

Guayusa boasts of high quantity of Anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help in reducing oxidative stress by combating unstable and free radicals in your body. This can help decrease the risk of several chronic diseases. 

Catechins in Guayusa have been linked to decreasing cholestrol levels as well. 

Aids weight loss

High Caffeine Content

Caffeine is a natural stimulant to boost metabolism, thus increasing the number of calories your body burns. With Guayusa you can enjoy high levels of Caffeine without the jitters of Coffee because of it's clean and sweet taste.

Are there side effects of drinking too much Guayusa?

Guayusa, in general, is very safe and is not linked to any adverse effects. 

Taking excessive caffeine is known to cause restlessness & anxiety but with Guayusa, even with its high caffeine content, does not cause jitterness like coffee and other caffeinated beverages. 

Tannins, found in Guayusa, are in low quantity and do not harm our body but as a precaution people with iron deficiency may want to limit their intake.


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