Waykana is the FIRST producer of Green Guayusa leaf and its largest bulk supplier in the WORLD. We work with small-scale Kichwa growers in the Amazon Rainforest to produce Guayusa – an organic leaf that offers healthy caffeine and antioxidants.

Ancient traditions

For centuries, the Kichwa Indigenous people in the Amazon have used Guayusa as a source of natural energy and a way to connect with the Pachamama (mother earth) and their community. A ‘pilche’ cup filled with Guayusa tea keeps them sharp for hunting during the day, and vigilant during night watches.

Everyday, before sunrise, families wake up and gather around a fire to hold the sacred Guayusa ceremony. They share about their dreams and plan their day as a clay pot brews an infusion of fresh Guayusa leaves.

Kichwa legend has it that the jaguar energy comes through brewed Guayusa to protect them from felines, snakes and other wild animals.

How to prepare it?

If you drink Waykana using our tea bags, pour hot water over the tea bag and let it steep for 7 minutes. If you like a stronger infusion wait a few more minutes. Waykana tea bags, with its jaguar power, also infuse in cold water.

If you prefer to drink it the ancestral way, use our loose leaf. In a cup, add a full spoon of Waykana Guayusa, then pour boiling water . Let it steep for 7 minutes and sift before serving. You can also infuse it using a clean coffee machine or with an infuser. Let it cool down to try it as iced tea.

A Natural Impulse to:
Practice Sports

We recommend drinking one cup of Waykana half an hour before exercising , it will give you enough energy to reach the finish line. Drink an additional cup after to avoid tiredness.


Waykana is a great drink for tireless workers. We recommend drinking a cup  after waking up, another at midday and one after lunch. Waykana Guayusa will keep you alert and focused through the day so you can finish your to-do list rapidly and efficiently.


Studying may be hard if you are not focused. We recommend a cup of Waykana before starting to study and keep drinking it if you feel fatigue or sleepiness.


Guayusa leaf is known to have extraordinary properties. Among them, Kichwas believe it produces lucid dreams, and advise drinking it regularly. You will notice more vivid dreams and an ease to remember them clearly.

Waykana also helps you achieve your dreams.


All our Extracts are certified USDA Organic.



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