Every Waykana product brings a positive change not just in the life of the consumer but also in the life of the native Amazonian farmers who produced the leaf.



Our Amazonian Guayusa is sourced from small family farms in rural indigenous communities. These communities have often not felt the benefits of economic growth and have been left behind. It was with the vision to positively impact these communities that Waykana was founded, and it is our mission to address the social problems in these communities and help them use the miracle leaf that is Guayusa to benefit them.

● By giving our producers the role of protagonists in the diffusion of Guayusa we keep the communities that produce Guayusa as those who benefit when you buy and Waykana Product.

● Listening to the issues and challenges these communities face is a key part of our work, and through this dialog we are able to develop business practices and social programs that bring about a positive change in these communities.

● Our social impact is one of the metrics that we evaluate our success as a social enterprise on. By making social impact not a side project but a central pillar to how we operate we want to empower these communities.


Rural areas in Ecuador have not always felt the economic growth of the overall economy, and many of the rural communities that produce Guayusa struggle to afford costs such as education for their children. A problem worsened by the low price paid for what they produce.

● This is why we promote the local economy by paying a higher price than the market average for their Guayusa.

● With more sources of income the native families can have access to better services, products and education for their children.




The Ecuadorian Amazon is among the most biodiverse and rich ecosystems on the planet. Sadly, its vast natural wealth has made is a target for exploitation, and it is of utmost importance to conserve this unique ad magical habitat. We do this through several programs.

● As an organic product, we do not use any chemicals, GMOs or pesticides which would harm this fragile ecosystem.
● We promote the production of Guayusa as an agroforestry crop. This means that Guayusa trees are grown alongside a mix of other plants, some of which will also bring extra income for the producers.
● This reduces the impact of deforestation in the Amazon, and the mix of plants means healthy soil and creates habitat for wildlife.
●Nearly all of our production comes from chacras (small farms, family owned), these lots of land owned and farmed by families are part of a rich forest habitat and encourages people to responsibly use the resources of the rainforest sustainably and without any deforestation.
● We also actively support re-forestation and restoration of degraded land by providing growers with saplings and contributing to the restoration of the Amazon Rainforest.

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