Bulk Guayusa Wholesale


Guayusa is increasingly in demand all over the world. It’s properties make it ideal for a range of applications, and the use of Guayusa as an ingredient is one the rise. When looking for bulk Guayusa Waykana is ready to work with you to bring the energy and benefits of Guayusa to people all over the world.

Waykana is among one of the first companies to export bulk Guayusa from Ecuador and we have supplied clients all over the world. Our experienced team can assist you to find the perfect solution for your Guayusa needs.


We produce a range of cuts of Guayusa leaf as well as Guayusa leaf powder and Guayusa Extracts. Guayusa has a variety of applications and we are able to help you see how Guayusa could fit into your products or product ranges.



From working with specialized tea shops to with international drinks companies, we are able to source any quantity, from less than a pallet to several container loads. Our large network of producers enables us to expand our production if need be.


Our sales team can work with you to find solutions for exporting, importing and shipping. If you have any questions just get in touch.


All of bulk Guayusa is certified as Organic with both USDA and EU Organic certifications. Our Quality Assurance team ensures our product is consistently kept at the highest standards.

Traditional Guayusa Bulk

 For bulk Guayusa orders please contact: international@waykana.com

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