Enjoy the benefits of Yerba-mate with a cleaner and smoother taste


Benefits of Guayusa Over Yerba-Mate

Flavor & Aroma

Sweet flavor with no bitter notes

The flavor of Guayusa is similar to that of Yerba-mate but unlike Yerba-mate, Guayusa does not have bitter-notes. It has a sweet and grassy flavor. Guayusa is also fruity in taste and has a creamy texture. 
Therefore, you can keep your Tea or Energy drinks sweet in taste when you use Guayusa as an ingredient. 

Easy to prepare

No gourd and bombila required

Yerba mate can be prepared like your usual tea by using Tea Bags, or putting loose leaf in boiling water. 
On the other hand you need A Gourd and Bombila to prepare and drink Yerba Mate. 

You can avoid the complex setups of Yerba Mate preparation and make a move to Guayusa while enjoying the additional benefits as well.

Safer Manufacturing Process

Guayusa is air-dried making it safer

To dry Guayusa natural gas fired ovens are used and for drying Yerba Mate, the fire from burning wood is used which can increase the levels of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon). 
PAH is known to cause cancer in animals but no studies have been done to check it's effect on humans. 

The dring process of Guayusa does not create PAH and therefore, makes it a safer alternative to Yerba Mate.


No caffeine Jitters

Guayusa has L-theanine

L-Theanine is missing in Yerba Mate. This ingredient works in counteracting the jitters and increased heart rate from excessive caffeine. 

L-Theanine and caffeine are a super effective combo

What is Guayusa?

Guayusa (gwhy-you-suh) is actually not a 'tea' but for laypeople, it still is. It is found in the Ecuadorian part of Amazon Rainforests. It's considered a cousin of the famous yerba mate and is ingrained in Latin culture.

It has been called the Amazonian Superleaf and has high levels of Caffeine to give you the 'Jaguar' power. This leaf is derived from a holy tree to the Khichwa tribe of Amazon Rainforests and has historical roots into the culture of the tribe. 

Guayusa does not have tannins therefore it's not bitter at all. Guayusa gives you the benefit of Coffee and Yerba Mate with a clean and sweet taste without the jitters of coffee. 

What makes Guayusa a SuperLeaf?

People have harvested Guayusa leaves since ancient times because of the perceived qualities of it, including high levels of anti-oxidants (More than Green Tea) and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Gauyusa leaves are rich in - 

  • Anti- Oxidants

  • Anti- Inflammatory properties

  • Theophylline

  • Theobromine

  • High level of Caffeine

Are there side effects of drinking too much Guayusa?

Guayusa, in general, is very safe and is not linked to any adverse effects. 

Taking excessive caffeine is known to cause restlessness & anxiety but with Guayusa, even with its high caffeine content, does not cause jitterness like coffee and other caffeinated beverages. 

As Guayusa has tannins, it can interfere with absorption of iron by the body and cause nausea if consumed in high quantities on an empty stomach. 

Tannins, found in Guayusa, are in low quantity and do not harm our body but as a precaution people with iron deficiency may want to limit their intake.

Why Choose Waykana?

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    • Our leaf is greener than other Guayusa

    • No aftertaste, no bitterness like in oxidized

  • Guayusa Bright green color means more healthy properties preserved

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All our Extracts are certified USDA Organic.

Global Awards


Farmers’ salary- 15% higher than FAIRTRADE standard price. NO MIDDLEMEN Dynamizes Amazonian small scale economy.


Partakes in the cultural preservation of ancestral traditions Implements vtraining projects in the farming communities.


4.4 million ft2  of Guayusa plantations, all exclusively cultivated  with organic and AGROFORESTRY systems.