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Wholesale Guayusa leaves

Guayusa is increasingly in demand all over the world. Its properties make it ideal for a range of applications, and the use of Guayusa as an ingredient is on the rise. When looking for bulk Guayusa, Waykana is ready to work with you to bring the energy and benefits of Guayusa to people all over the world.


Aqueous Guayusa Extract

Liquid concentrate guayusa extract

Dry Guayusa Extract

Our new product, a concentrate solution made with all natural certified organic Guayusa.

Guayusa’s properties make is attractive for a host of uses such as for ready to drink products, baked goods, energy bars, nutritional supplements, and other products looking for a natural energy ingredient.

We have a range of extracts to suit a wide range of needs.


Waykana is among the first companies to export bulk Guayusa from Ecuador and has supplied clients all over the world. Our experienced team can assist you to find the perfect solution for your Guayusa needs.


From working with specialized tea shops to international drinks companies, we are able to source any quantity, ranging from less than a pallet to several container loads. Our large network of producers enables us to expand our production if need be.


We produce a range of Guayusa leaf cuts as well as Guayusa leaf powder and Guayusa Extracts. Guayusa has a variety of applications, and science continues to discover new ones. Waykana can offer insights as to how Guayusa can enhance your products and product ranges.


Our sales team can work with you to find solutions for exporting, importing and shipping. If you have any questions just get in touch.


The entirety of our bulk Guayusa is certified USDA and EU Organic. Our Quality Assurance team guarantees that Waykana products are consistently held to the highest standards.

What makes us different?

  • Largest Guayusa supply chain in the world dedicated to the B2B ingredient market

  • Premium raw material selection

  • Investment in quality from the farm to the final product.

    • Our leaf is greener than other Guayusa

    • No aftertaste, no bitterness like in oxidized

  • Guayusa Bright green color means more healthy properties preserved

  • Organic and Kosher certifications

  • Experts in customer service

Farms and Growers

  • Waykana directly trades with over 100 small-scale Kichwa growers from the Amazon Rainforest certified in ORGANIC farming.

  • Perfect blend between ancestral knowledge and technical a cultivation techniques to produce:

    • Sustainability

    • Outstanding quality

    • Competitive price and market accessibility


Farmers’ salary- 15% higher than FAIRTRADE standard price. NO MIDDLEMEN Dynamizes Amazonian small scale economy.


Partakes in the cultural preservation of ancestral traditions Implements vtraining projects in the farming communities.


4.4 million ft2  of Guayusa plantations, all exclusively cultivated  with organic and AGROFORESTRY systems.


All our Extracts are certified USDA Organic.

Global Awards

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