Our Mission

Our mission is to boost the world with natural and

balanced energy from the Amazon.

Our Story

After meeting Indigenous producers in several journeys to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, Demetrio Santander and Juan David Gomez found a common thought with these communities; sharing with the world a healthier life filled with energy by introducing this ancestral leaf – Guayusa.

Together they created a project called Waykana, which transmits the benefits of the Guayusa leaf, while generating development for the indigenous farming communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

We are a social business

Every Waykana product brings a positive impact not only in the life of the consumer but also in the life of the native Amazonian farmers who cultivate the Guayusa plant.

Waykana is the FIRST producer of Green Guayusa leaf and its largest bulk supplier in the WORLD. We work with small-scale Kichwa growers in the Amazon Rainforest to produce Guayusa – an organic leaf that offers healthy caffeine and antioxidants.


Farms & Growers

  • Waykana directly trades with over 100 small-scale Kichwa growers from the Amazon Rainforest certified in ORGANIC farming.

  • Perfect blend between ancestral knowledge and technical cultivation techniques to produce:


    • Outstanding quality

    • Competitive price and market accessibility


  • Economic

    • Farmers’ salary is 15% higher than FAIR TRADE standards

    • NO MIDDLEMEN- Dynamizes Amazonian small-scale economy.

  • Social

    • Partakes in the cultural preservation of ancestral traditions

    • Implements training projects in the farming communities.


The Ecuadorian Amazon is among the most biodiverse and rich ecosystems in the planet. Sadly, its vast natural wealth has made it a target for exploitation, and it is of utmost importance to conserve this unique and magical habitat. We do this through several programs.

  • As an organic product, Waykana Guayusa does not use any chemicals, GMOs or pesticides which would harm this fragile ecosystem.

  • We promote the production of Guayusa as an agroforestry crop. This means that Guayusa trees are grown alongside a mix of other native plants, some of which will provide extra income for the producers. This practice results in healthy soil and preserved habitat for wildlife as well as a reduced impact of deforestation in the Amazon. 

  • Nearly all of our production comes from chacras (small farms, family owned). This vast land, owned and farmed by families, is part of a rich forest habitat that encourages people to respect the pachamama (mother earth), and use the resources of the rainforest responsibly, sustainably and without any deforestation.


  • 6,500 ft2 of modern facilities that process herbs complying with rigorous international standards.

  • 4.4 million ft2 of Guayusa plantations.

  • Industrial machines and an experienced team that ensures quality


All our Extracts are certified USDA Organic.

Global Awards

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